Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 191
I walked the loop vary fast as I had already decided what to draw - these flowers which are in a mixed bed of flowers, herbs and vegetables on a patch of wasteground near the brickworks - somebody must find their townhouse courtyard too small for their green thumb. I need to do these British garden flowers as a study for a memory painting I will do about gardening with my Dad, and bumble bees (which we don't have here). Unfortunately, it started to pour so I will have to go back to do the wall flowers, marigolds, potatoes and anything else I might need. For once, I just painted straight off - maybe I will add pen later. 6 km walk.


Jen said...

Alison, I love these flowers. They are so loosely powerful, very free. Great colours. Please paint more flowers.

Julie Oakley said...

Very pretty and although I'm no gardener Ithey're all very familiar.