Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day 309
I cycled to Manuka to see Miss Potter again. I've already seen it once but had Mum with me and so missed quite a lot. I really enjoyed it - the music, landscapes, the furnishings, especially her room, and the portrayal of her as a feisty woman. On the way home, I sketched this house which has recently been built. All the windows have external louvres - it looks like an office and the internal access from the garage means that the family is never seen. So much for community. 12 km ride

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Penny said...

Havent seen the film yet but Beatrix Potter was a relative of Johns, we went to her cottage when we were in the UK a few years ago, it was uncanny how it reminded me of his family home with the aunts in it when I first met him the aunts at that stage were in their 8o's and the house was a sort of time warp.
Queensland for a holiday for 2 weeks home for about 6 days and then i am off to Horsham, cant wait, what are you doing? I think you said you were going to Orange.