Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day 290
I took Monica and Alan on a walk to Yankee Hat rocks. We set off early to see the kangaroos before they retreat to the shade. Today there were lots and the females always remind me of the poem Kangaroo by D. H. Lawrence which I leart by heart soon after we arrived in Australia. Below is an excerpt.

Delicate mother Kangaroo
Sitting up there rabbit-wise, but huge, plumb-weighted,
And lifting her beautiful slender face, oh! so much more gently and finely-lined than a rabbit’s, or than a hare’s,
Lifting her face to nibble at a round white peppermint drop, which she loves, sensitive mother Kangaroo.
Her sensitive, long, pure-bred face.
Her full antipodal eyes, so dark,
So big and quiet and remote, having watched so many empty dawns in silent Australia.
Her little loose hands, and drooping Victorian shoulders.
And then her great weight below the waist, her vast pale belly
With a thin young yellow little paw hanging out, and straggle of a long thin ear, like ribbon,
Like a funny trimming to the middle of her belly, thin little dangle of an immature paw, and one thin ear.
Her belly, her big haunches
And in addition, the great muscular python-stretch of her tail.
There, she shan’t have any more peppermint drops.
So she wistfully, sensitively sniffs the air, and then turns, goes off in slow sad leaps
On the long flat skis of her legs,
Steered and propelled by that steel-strong snake of a tail.
Stops again, half turns, inquisitive to look back.
While something stirs quickly in her belly, and a lean little face comes out, as from a window,
Peaked and a bit dismayed,
Only to disappear again quickly away from the sight of the world, to snuggle down in the warmth,
Leaving the trail of a different paw hanging out.
Still she watches with eternal, cocked wistfulness !


Penny said...

Love the poem, your kangroos actually look like kangaroos, mine still look like rats with long legs.

Julie Oakley said...

I just posted a long comment on my thoughts on Lawrence (hate him even if he can describe nature!) my admiration for you learning such a long poem without discernible rhyme or rhythm and praising you for your drawing. But blogger obviously thought I was wittering on too long so it's disappeared into the ether.