Friday, December 29, 2006

Day 243
Today we had rain at last - but 20ml in only about 30 minutes, including hail the size of marbles so we got soaked as we scurried about outside preventing flooding and protecting the car. Later I went for a ride passing Manuka shops which had suffered quite a lot of roof leaks - plastic sheeting, towels, buckets and carpet cleaners everywhere. If only we could have nice soft English rain! Anyway, I sat on a bench and sketched this baby that I thought was feeding quietly but in fact it was incredibly bouncy and gave the mother no peace at all. Fortunately, I can delete all the dud starts. 12 km cycle

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Julie Oakley said...

The proportions are so right in this that just those few strokes make the drawings shout 'baby' I love the curled toes in the one at the top.