Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day 241
This morning, I cycled about 15 km to visit a friend in south Canberra and about 5 km into the return journey my tyre was punctured again - by the same sort of spike as before. This time I had repair gear and did a nice patch job, blew up the tyre and... discovered a part of the valve had disappeared and the tube lost all the air as soon as I detached the pump! No use returning to my friend as she had no car either so I walked home and ate three slices of Christmas cake. I sketched this agapanthus (about 8" across) as I waited for the patch glue to dry - they thrive in the Canberra climate, flowering in profusion at Christmas time. 20 km cycle, 10 km walk.


Hashi said...

Bummer about the puncture. You deserved the cake after that workout. When I first saw your illustration I thought it was a red clover flower. I would be interested to see how it actually compares with an agapanthus (in miniature, of course).

Julie Oakley said...

Lovely illustration

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Agapanthas are really blooming in our garden at present, blue ones and a white one. Somehow the drought didn't bother them. The rains this week have saved the plants and trees I hope.
Oh dear you have had trouble with your bike!
Three slices of cake - did you feel ill afterwards?

Jana Bouc said...

Ick. Sorry for all the bike trouble. I like your agapanthus. They grow well here too. My gardener always wants me to get rid of mine--says they attract snails but I love watching all their different phases and their pretty purpleness.

Penny said...

Punctures can be a bummer. Love the agapanthus, they do well here too but the leaves got badly burnt on the 43 degree day. Aother 40 degree day heading our way on Thursday, I have been enjoying the cool and what bit of rain we got.