Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day 185
November already! I spent the day doing preliminary drawings for some more memory paintings so was ready to stretch and get moving by 5.00pm. I rode over the Scrivener Dam and around the Lake as there are some good hills, though they don't really puff me anymore. Calistemons are in flower now. They (bushes , 1 - 3 metres high) are quite drought hardy so are increasingly planted in public places where they won't get watered. They come in cream, through pinks to red, burgundy and purple. The birds love them. 17 km cycle.


Penny said...

Love your callistemon flower. I seem to plant some every year as they do so well and the honey eaters love them.
Blogger hated me this morning but I finally got something up tonight.

Julie Oakley said...

Beautiful painting, looks like you're using the sketchbook moleskine? All that EDM discussion about scrubbing and using soap made me vow never to bother using that paper for paint.

Jana Bouc said...

I love these--we call them bottlebrush plant. I have one right outside my dining room and they're so pretty. Lots of details in drawing them though and yours look great.