Sunday, October 22, 2006

Day 175
Well, I've treated myself to some of the graphitint pencils and although this is a very primitive effort (of the old brickworks), it's OK for me as it's on a loose piece of paper so I could easily have just given up and thrown it away. I also bought a wider brush so I can try to get better washes, especially for skies. Now I will just have to practise.


Julie Oakley said...

You're mad - you could have had mine! Actually I am getting to like them a bit more and I have bothered to do the little test strip which was helpful when I used them last time.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What are graphitint pencils? Felt-pens or ordinary pencils? Can you wet the paper afterwards to change it a bit?

I must go shopping sometime. We have a great little art shop in Geelong - the owner wins prizes all the time for her shop displays.

I tend to just buy stuff at the $2 shops then wonder why pens dry out in a week!

My four-year-old granddaughter returned to Fiji last night and there are reminders all around of her - helium balloons that she couldn't take on the plane, other stuff left behind.

I gave her my pictures - and some copies - of our visit to the Jirralinga Wildlife place - for her show and tell at kindergarten,and her Mum said she'd frame the pics too. They were very hurried and I didn't have time to do any more - as I had planned.

Penny said...

I have the inktense pencils and have been toying with the idea of the graphitint, I quite like the inktense for some things, but have so many different types of pencil sometimes I am not sure what I have grabbed. Like this one, I am about to be doing lots of sheds I think.

Alison said...

Wendy, the graphitints are water soluble crayons made by Derwent - they have colour and graphite mixed in the core and have a gritty grey colour when you draw with them but if you wet them, then they come up a still gritty but stronger colour - but it takes a while to be able to predict what will happen - I like the 'sense' of edgy earthiness they give.