Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 124
The quirkiest house in Yarralumla - I love it. I gardened all day today so just stepped around the corner to sketch this fun house. It began as a standard 50's weatherboard and has been extended with recycled delights. The red and the grey are painted corrugated iron sheets and the doors and windows are second-hand. At the rear, you walk out of the family room into a courtyard through an old red telephone box. There are old signs on the outside walls and lots of silly sculptures out the front - I'll sketch them another time - and inside they have a gallery of Asian erotica. Today, I met the owner who invited me to go and sketch the back view sometime.


Tami said...

This is just too COOL! I love this house your description just plays with the imagination!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

what a surprise in Canberra? I thought all the houses were clones of one another. Now, what about YOUR house? Does it look intriguing like this one?
The drawing lends itself to lots of imagination and tiny creatures hiding here and there - a picture for the little kids.

Katherine said...

Did you do something different when posting this image - as I can see it!!! Yippeee!

Aren't people nice sometimes when you sketch?

Jana Bouc said...

How fun to have such a crazy house nearby to draw and what a delightful drawing it is!