Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 84
Again, I only walked over to my parent's house. So frail, so frail Mum is and yet we had a glorious time singing along to Italian Opera (the song we know as Two lovely black eyes). The contrasts at a time like this are so huge and the subleties so significant - it's a strange place - out of time. Dad likes to keep busy. He put another rail next to the bath and hung a brass bell by the front door.


Hashi said...

You are lucky to be sharing this time with your mother. Mine is also declining, but my sister is the only family member still in Canberra. Makes it hard on all of us. Lovely rendition of your mother's hands

Tami said...

It is so hard watching the ones that were so strong, for so long, in our lives, decline. Enjoy all the moments you can! love your drawing of her hands, you captured the fraility well.