Wednesday, December 19, 2007

'The Sketchercisers' installed at The Art of Moving exhibition, Tuggeranong Art Gallery,
Artist's statement
From May 2006, I joined Julie Oakley in England and Penny Crompton in South Australia in Julie's on-line challenge to take some exercise in the neighbourhood every day for a year, stopping along the way to do a sketch – good, bad or indifferent – it didn’t matter. Every evening, we blogged our sketches and some comments relating to our outing, or the day generally. Through blog comments to each other and with blog visits from many guests around the world, we supported each other to complete the challenge. A daily coming together – a different sort of nourishment.
You can also visit Julie's blog, one mile from home and Penny's blog, with my boots and sketchbook

Dimensions: approx 170 x 170 x170
Media:Domestic furniture, mixed media

The chairs with gear represent the three of us - bike helmet for me, hat and glasses for Penny and a raincoat for Julie. The two windows at the back are 3D, recreated from small sketches done during my night walks. The pelican, above, is also inspired by a sketch.
We each have a place mat with a small computer and a drawing implement. Spreading from our placemats are a selection of the many sketches we did. At the back, on the right, you can see the small aluminium foil sculptures of Julie's son on his skateboard done from her stick figure sketches. There's a detail picture of them on the previous post.
Penny - here you can also see some small gates I made from her series of gate sketches