Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is an installation (still in progress) arising from this one year challenge. It will be exhibited at 'The Art of Moving" Exhibition in Canberra in November/December 2007


Artist's statement
From May 2006, I joined Julie Oakley in England and Penny Crompton in South Australia in an on-line challenge to take some exercise in the neighbourhood every day for a year, stopping along the way to do a sketch – good, bad or indifferent – it didn’t matter. Every evening, we blogged our sketches and some comments relating to our outing, or the day generally. Through blog comments to each other and with blog visits from many guests around the world, we supported each other to complete the challenge. A daily coming together – a different sort of nourishment- building new habits.
You can still visit the blogs at

Dimensions: approx 170 x 170 x170
Media:Domestic furniture, mixed media
Julie's comment on one of her last entries, "Exercise, nature and sketching - a magic potion for soothing the soul" gave me the idea for the format - the whole experience was a bit like the daily get-together of a main meal, only a different sort of nourishment. So here is a different sort of table setting. There are three places with chairs. Penny's chair has a hat and sunglasses, Julie's, a raincoat, and Alison's a bike helmet. (They are not placed correctly in this photo)You can see Penny's gates, made from wire and rusted metal, Julie's 'sketches of Hugo on the skateboard and two of my night window sketches. Also a pelican flying above. I need to make some more placemats. I will print out a variety of pictures and cut them into strips and weave them through the centre 'grid' of the cloth. I will add some painting/sketching paraphenalia, probably paint/print some bike tracks, footprints, make a model of Julie's dog, write/embroider some extracts from the blog texts and see what else is, if anything is needed.