Friday, April 27, 2007

Day 361
Another theme I wanted to revisit in this last week is night views. It was raining and I carried an umbrella and just my small moleskine and a pencil. I stopped under the light of a streetlamp to catch the orange glow of the cloudy sky behind Black Mountain and started to sketch this city view with telephone wires and the tower. Just as I was finishing, a fox scurried past, only a few feet away - he did get a shock when I greeted him heartily :) 4 km walk


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a lovely pic and the colours are so right. A fox - hey, that was a treat to see.
What size are your pictures - A5 or A4 or what?

Alison said...

You're up late, Wendy- this is only about 3 x 4 inches I never do A4 A5 max, except for a few double page landscapes.

Penny said...

It is interesting seeing foxes in cities isnt it. When i used to have night meetings in Adelaide i quite regularl saw them in the suburbs driving home.
Yes please Alison, let me know when youare in Adelaide, would love to catch up.
I see you have had rain too, its wonderful.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

to Penny,
I loved your comment - 'I quite regularly saw them in the suburbs driving home.' Great - some foxy ladies!
Sorry to butt in Alison!
Yeah, up late last night - we'd been to a Rotary Art Show then a kava-drinking party afterwards for an hour or so. I drink a large mug of coffee and couldn't sleep.

Katherine said...

Your night sketches are one of the things that I shall always remember about your blog - they always seem to stick in my mind. Maybe because it's unusual for people to sketch at night? I'm now a convert to and supporter of night sketching!

Anonymous said...

Yes, like Katherine, your night pictures will stay in my mind. I have only seen one wild fox and it was also at night. Driving through the Texas Panhandle, my lights picked her up. It was a bright moonlit night so I turned off the car lights and we watched each other for a lovely breath-holding moment.

Julie Oakley said...

I wonder, are your foxes the same as ours and if so how did you get them? I agree with Kateriine about the night sketches.