Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 360
A cool, grey start to the day. I just have a few walks left to do to finish the year and wondered how I would like to use those spots. First up - another walk to Hermione's bench, this time to include the actual bench in the picture. For blog visitors who wonder who Hermione is, visit the archive 10 June on this blog (or my other blog - archive March 1 to read/see a little of her story. 6 km walk


Hashi said...

I've been there! I've been there! :-)))

Anonymous said...

Many years ago we lost a little baby
girl. She is buried on a mesa overlooking sunsets on the Texas-New Mexico border. I'm so glad that you also have a beautiful spot for your Hermione.

Penny said...

This is a lovely painting, full of a year of memories for me, and feeling that you have become a close friend.