Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 356
At Forum, Trudy showed me her little books of collages done from favourite cuttings from art, fashion and other magazines. She adds to them in various ways. Her collection of books were wonderful and such a fabulous resource - much more perused and useful than old magazines on shelves or in heaps, as mine are. I resolved to have a go as I think my mark-making skills are weak and it will be 'good for me' - maybe even fun. So today, I cycled to the art shop to get a little visual journal and here is my first page. I did enjoy it. It will be part of my next art plan to finish this book within a few months. 12 km cycle


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Way to go! Yes, use your newspapers and magazines by just keeping the beaut bits, make collages or just paste to keep. There are such great textures and patterns and shapes out there.

Penny said...

These are lovely Alison and shows your skill at 'placing it all together'. I think forum is just the best for seeing what other people are doing and having a go yourself.