Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day 348 - Part two
But at Cargo, there is no longer any accomodation! Too tired to manage the last, super hilly stretch, I decide to hitch. No sooner have I found a ride, than we stop at the scene of an accident. Someone has rolled their car, there is sewing stuff spilling on to the road and the car has a Canberra number plate. Another car has already stopped but the emergency services haven't yet arrived. We stop and I discover it is another Forum participant. Astonishly, she is uninjured but stuck in the car so I chat with her until help arrives and she is extricated. She is fine and I continue with my new friends.

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Julie Oakley said...

Oh my gosh I would have felt such despair. I've only once hitched with a bicycle - when I first learned to ride a bike aged eighteen with a boyfriend on holiday - but we only did it as a joke as we faced a ludicrously steep hill. I was very surprised when someone stopped. I really admire you facing such problems on your journey.