Friday, April 06, 2007

Day 340
Yesterday, I bought a trip computer for my bike so I will know how far I've travelled throughout the day - otherwise, with frequent stops for sketching and very few road markers along the way, I would have little idea how to pace myself. So today, I did two of my regular rides to confirm their lengths and on the way home from the second, stopped to catch the last of the sun on these trees. I walked my bike over about 3 metres of grass and then, to my horror, noticed the tyres were stuck full of those dreaded organic drawing pins. I thought I might just be able to get home before the air leaked out so I sped away - and have just done this from memory. Seven holes in one tube and 6 in the other - it's back to the bike shop tomorrow for another pair of of spare inner tubes.


Julie Oakley said...

I've been a bad blogger recently - too much work to visit. It's lovely to see all your additional pictures. The things you're learning at the art college sound very exciting. I'd love to be there with you. I love the vivid colours on this drawing, contrasting with the sombre colours on the the other tree drawing.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Organic drawing pins? You mean bindi eyes or something like that? What a nuisance! Good luck with your planning and trip.

Jana Bouc said...

What a bad joke nature played on you! No fair. I love the drawing and the brilliant colors. Were you such a avid cyclist before you started this project?