Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 347
After taking the wrong road from Boorowa, I ended up doing 92 km along a different road than I'd planned but that meant I found the lovely cafe and I still made it to Cowra by 3.00pm. During the war many 'aliens' were interned in Cowra, including 500 or so Japanese prisoners of war. They staged a break out and over 200 were killed. They were buried in Cowra and over the years the Returned Servicemen's League looked after the graves so well that the remains of all Japanese soldiers who died overseas were relocated in Cowra and the Japanese Government funded a beautiful Japanese Memorial Garden to be built.


Hashi said...

I love the landscape on your "café" page. This is wonderful, the way you are collecting stories along your way.

Julie Oakley said...

They're just fantastic. I'm going to have to come back and take more time to look at them but I'm greedily jumping from one post to the next. Those koi carp are such a perfect evocation of the Japanese connection