Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 324
Gorgeous weather today so, in preparation for my big ride, I rode twice round the lake and stopped three times to do these credit card views along the lovely cycle path. 34 km cycle


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Are they really miniature paintings? How hard that must be. I am a heavyhanded painter and would have to take off me specs to do something as tiny s that. Of course some people paint on gingko leaves.
I was crook again yesterday, saw the doc today and now have stronger antibiotics and feel a bit better tonight.
I hope your burn is healing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love these charming little things. I wonder, just as Peceli & Wendy did -- were they really that small and what size brush did you use? I feel a great kinship to them and must try to do some bitsies.

Alison said...

Wendy + Annie - I just draw around my credit card or driver's licence and immediately feel less intimidated about doing a landscape which I find difficult to 'see'. I have a small card window to hold up and help frame the scene. I just use a number two brush, the one that comes with the Windsor + Newton travel set of watercolours

Anonymous said...

Glorious--here I go!

Julie Oakley said...

These are such delightful compositions.

Jana Bouc said...

Lovely! Each has it's own palette of colors but they all go together so nicely. I'm envious of your lovely views and it's making me want to get on my bike and off into nature somewhere.