Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day 317
I did two cycle rides today but didn't see anything to draw. However, while walking with Mum this afternoon, I found both an opportunity and subject matter. Mum lay down for a rest just as a flock of yellow-tailed, black cockatoos started raucously 'playing' overhead. I've never seen them feeding on the ground as the white cockatoos are wont to do, so this is as close as I can expect to get. 22 km cycle
In mid April is my annual holiday to the textile forum/workshop and I am thinking of cycling there. It would be three fairly easy days (55, 75 and 85kms) or even 2 days, along sealed, undulating country roads with time for sketching along the way. I need to do a few longer rides between now and then, buy some padded cycling shorts and a few spare parts and learn how to adjust my gear set. I will decide at the last minute when I see what weather is expected. It would be a challenging near finale to this year-long challenge.


Julie Oakley said...

This is really lovely. Those bird shapes seem just right. Wow I'm impressed with the cycle trip you're considering. I have to say that there are some things in life I just don't have the enthusiasm to learn and bicycle maintenance is one of them, especially as I have such a good resident cycle mechanic.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Look how they soar in the sky! A lovely pic.
You are brave considering such a bike ride. I hope the roads are not too busy.

Penny said...

Our black cockies are around at the moment, I have a patch of special trees for them, banksias and monkey nut pine trees that I planted years ago and they come every year to feed. When we were skiing at Falls Creek we always said that the black cockies meant snow, and they usally did.
Only very occasionally do we see the red tailed blacks.
How are you going to get your gear to Orange if you ride?

Alison said...

Penny, if I cycle to Orange, I will either travel very light for Forum (I'm only doing hand embroidery), or most likely have another attendee take some stuff for me. I can get a lift back or Ralph might collect me and we may go on camping. Julie- if I take one or both of my resident mechanics, then I will constantly feel left behind and guilty about stopping to do a sketch. I told them they could only come if they rode a penny farthing! So, much as I loathe bikes that don't work, I will have to fill in the gaps in my skills.

Katherine said...

Love this one Alison - the birds flying make it feel really peaceful

The workshop and cycle journey sound really interesting. Will you be sketching the padded cycling shorts for us? (I'm just sitting here thinking about how I don't think I want to go there - my rear is quite big enough!)