Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 311
After Mum's, I cycled down to Manuka to buy a few things and then back along the lakeside bikepath. Often I think parents keep their children on too short a leash these days, but I really hate to see this - these birds can suddenly become very vicious. I used to try warning parents but they always ignored me so now I remain silent. I'm glad nothing happened on this occasion. 15 km cycle


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Alison. Some parents are surprisingly casual about kiddie safety. Those birds can be vicious, sure enough.

Julie Oakley said...

Great drawing however! When I was a child there were always adults saying that swans had been known to break a person's leg. On reflection I think that must have been a gross exaggeration, but I agree they can be very nasty - and all that soft bare toddler skin! I think you should keep telling the parents!

Penny said...

I agree Alison, I have seen them get really nasty. My friend Wendy who is coming with me to Horsham this year is also doing Kate Green's class, i was tempted but she is far better painter than i am so as I love shrines I am doing Glen skein's class. No machine for me either. How far is Orange, how long to cycle?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

A scary picture for us who have raised children and watched over grandchildren. Stupid parent. The other day down at the beach a mother didn't fuss when her one-year-old walked over to a stranger's dog. Okay, it might be friendly, but maybe not.