Sunday, February 18, 2007

Day 293
Looking west, away from the Three Sisters - we did several more short walks this morning and then went to visit Jenolan Caves, a cave system about an hour west of the Blue Mountains. At the end of the day, we walked to this lookout again - there was a storm on its way, seemingly slow moving but it soon was upon us and we just got back to the unit in time - along with a tiny lost terrier dog, frantically checking every house without luck. Fortunately, it had a phone number on its tag and we were able to leave a message - at 11.30pm, its owner came to collect it - it had strayed a long way.


Penny said...

I am glad the little dog found its owners, always a worry, never been to the Jenolan caves, you are finding some interesting places.

Julie Oakley said...

Those clods rolling towards you look quite ominous - merging into the hills. I hope you had a good downpour anyway.