Saturday, February 10, 2007

Day 285
We're still carless so Ralph and I cycled to the fruit markets to stock up for the next week - 4 panniers worth as we are doing quite a lot of the catering for family this week. Ralph cycled home with the super perishables and I stayed on to do a sketch. There were lots more people but I couldn't really put them in after I'd done the fruit stands, then the little girl came and loitered just long enough to include her. When I got home, I cycled off to the supermarket. 20 km cycle.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Fruit markets are fun to draw with such colour and shape - and the people of course.
Will you have withdrawal symptoms if you can't go near the computer when your rellies are there? Maybe tell them to have a long bath. On the other hand, maybe not.
Someone told me that somewhere near Canberra there was a huge downpour of seven inches. Really?

Julie Oakley said...

I hope the car is fixed soon. It's difficult drawing in this kind of environment isn't it? Nevertheless you've created a great picture of your fruit and vegetable stands. Melons are cheaper here at the moment!