Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 271
Sometime in my blogging life in the past year, I was directed to a wonderful site for downloading free audio chinese lessons and I have been listening for a while. But it isn't very convenient to have to sit at the computer so for Christmas Ralph gave me an MP3 player, not something I ever thought I would want as I don't listen to music when on the move. Today I used the player for the first time while out cycling - on my 17 km ride, I listened to a 15 minute lesson 4 times through, still not enough to catch it all as, at the level I chose, all explanations of grammar etc are in Chinese - but I must be 4 times closer to getting it. However, I was unable to simultaneously 'see' anything to sketch so I have sketched the player. 17 km cycle

4 comments: said...

After having sketched the player while learning chinese you can try to paint it the chinese way.
We just put online some Chinese painting lesson (for beginners)...

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Voice near the lake:
Who's that woman talking to herself in a tonal language, riding a bike and wobbling all over the place with the rhythm of her chanting?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the link to chinese paintings. Great Mp3 player, agree with Wendy tho! You will be carted off next, let alone banging yourself in uncomfortable places on your bike!
Penny, sorry forgot to log in abain!!

Julie Oakley said...

You're obviously pretty good. I tried one of the newbie lessons and found it very difficult. Very good drawing. I always find this kind of subject matter so difficult.