Friday, January 26, 2007

Day 270
Well, I know this is pretty terrible but I can't think how to quickly do fireworks against a night sky - this is wax and watercolour. Anyway, no cycling today so I left exercising til the evening when we went to see the Australia Day fireworks over the lake. We parked several kilometres away and walked so we didn't get caught in a jam afterwards. During the walk back, we saw the McNaughton's comet which Ralph said was huge and spectacular. 4 km walk


Julie Oakley said...

It looks good to me. That purple colour is rather gorgeous. I hope your nether regions have recovered.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Crayon or oil pastel and watercolour/whatever you used seems to be a good way to do fireworks.
We have fireworks down at the bay tonight so people have to secure their dogs or they'll jump fences and go crazy.
That comet - I must look out for it tonight. They say it is spectacular but now starting to wane.

Katherine said...

I agree with Julie - I think you've done very well

Are you the only ones who are getting this comet?