Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day 268
After a hot cycle ride around the lake, which is getting smelly in places due to low water levels and exposed rotting vegetation, I went to see the exhibition of the Egyptian treasures of the Louvre. There were lots of amazing pieces, none looking anywhere near 2500 years old. I especially liked the beautiful hieroglyphs, particularly the pieces combining text and pictures of everyday life - they were so like the journalled moleskine pages I see on people's blogs. The piece I have sketched does not have text - it reminded me of sampler embroideries but is in fact ink drawing on papyrus - from the Book of the Dead of the Lady Taperonir. Sketching it was a lot of fun - like being a student of the original artist - constantly asking, "how did you do that bit?" as I looked closely to see. And copying his mistake - in the top right border - some 'waves' in the wrong direction. He must have been annoyed with himself! 20 km cycle


Penny said...

Alison, Sorry I havent visited your blog for a few days, what with my painitng classes and our server playing up too. Lovely stuff as usual, love your little shopping centre and i dont know if we get the egyptian stuff or not, probably not so interesting to hear your views.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I clicked on it to get a better look. What a fabulous exhibition it must be. Nice detail but not fussy.

Julie Oakley said...

Wonderful, and I so agree it's really magical to study and draw the work of another artist. I got real frisson of excitement when I was standing in front of the Leonardo sketchbooks and copying his drawings.