Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day 265
Busy all day taking Mum out and cooking 'family dinner' so I went for a hilly cycle ride in the evening when the temperature has dropped such that I needed my cardigan - lovely. The sky was glorious - pink caused by the bushfires, now dying down in the mountains and grey storm clouds from South Australia which seem to be skirting Canberra and we are going to miss out :(
10 km cycle


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Amazing clouds, and the confident but loose way of painting really suits it.
We have had super clouds all day, but no time to pick up a brush. And the rain poured down for two days! The grass has a green tinge now.

Hashi said...

Lovely clouds, Alison. I'm sorry you're missing out on more rain.

Julie Oakley said...

These are really lovely. The wet in wet has worked so well

Jana Bouc said...

This is spectacular. We had the same gorgeous sunset here tonight. I was stressed-out all day today...some sort of artistic paralysis...but when I saw the sunset I was able to reconnect with nature and I felt much better.

Thank you so much for the lovely Donald Friend book. I've read the whole book and I'm so grateful for it. Thank you also for sharing your sister with me. It was such a pleasure spending the day with her. It felt like we were old friends.

Oh...and your pelican card is a gift I will treasure always!!! I have it on my bulletin board just above my printer so I look at it with great pleasure every time I print. It's really amazing. I hope you've framed the original. Actually, now that I've said that, I think I'm going to frame the card. I really love the little painting. THANK YOU!

Alina Chau said...

Lovely cloud painting!