Saturday, January 20, 2007

Day 264
Our server is having problems today. And we are having another scorcher - too hot by 9.00 am to consider cycling. I sketched these youngsters down by the lake where I stopped for a quick stretch of the legs before going to the fruit markets. Tor has a unicycle and looks very dashing on it and Finnian can stilt walk. 3 km melt


Julie Oakley said...

Don't know how you manage in this heat. I'm amazed by some of the coincidental interests of our families. Flo has a unicycle! Though Robin is the one who really put the effort into mastering it - he was briefly a member of the UK unicycling hockey team. See this very old page (before Flo started to use her second name)

Yari said...

Graceful and simple, yet so alive... Wonderful painting