Friday, January 12, 2007

Day 256

I cycled round the lake but set off too late - between 10.00am amd 11.30, the temperature rose from 26 to 33 - it's like cycling along in a hair dryer. I had my sketching stuff but thought I might do it later when it's cooler but then I couldn't resist this row of youngsters fishing. The baby has chickenpox.

As I neared home, I saw, for the first time in my life, a dog wearing a life jacket. He was supposed to be following his owner in a canoe out 'to sea' but wasn't keen to set off. Maybe he has epilepsy or similar or maybe the lifejacket will support him if he suddenly gets tired? Anyway, I had to do another sketch.
17 km cycle


Julie Oakley said...

What irresistible subject matter. I really like the composition of the first one. I could do with one of those life jackets for Rufus - he's such solid muscle I don't think he can float

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Did they catch any fish? We saw a few people fishing on Cunningham pier the other evening. A gigantic tourist liner was supposed to arrive but somehow it only got as far as Queenscliff. Geelong retailers and a huge outdoor market expected to make millions out of the visit. Ha ha. Nothing.
The dog is so cute but surely dogs can swim well?

starrgirl's world said...

What wonderful goals you have chosen for this year! And I especially liked the sketch of the small dog in the life jacket. I look forward to seeing how your days go.

Penny said...

Great sketch Alison, and I love the dog in his life jacket, all the better for sharks to see him in the sea but not on your lake.

Jana Bouc said...

Even though I've missed visiting, it's just so amazing to come back and see how strong and stunning your pictures have become. Both of these drawings are just terrific...I absolutely adore them. You practically have a complete childrens book about the summer with just the images on this page!! Fishing, canooeing dogs, little girls in the park, etc.