Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day 248
I rode around the lake and stopped off at the Gallery to visit the Ladies. This old fellow was reading in one of the comfy chairs next to the bookshop. After a while he took off his hat and put it on his knee so that bit remains un-drawn. 20 km cycle
And Ralph and I have been resealing the kitchen floor so are going to Sydney tomorrow for three days while it cures. We plan to go to the zoo and now have little sketching stools so we won't have to sit amongst the ants anymore. Tor will still be here, communing with the microwave in the sitting-room.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Super pic. Was he aware that you were drawing him?
At least you didn't draw him sitting inside the Ladies! People are fascinating - their shapes as well as their concerns and idiocracies of course.

Alison said...

No Wendy, he didn't notice - and I was just a metre opposite!

Jana Bouc said...

How nice that he's sitting and reading. He looks like he should have a cigar in his hand or mouth.

Penny said...

I wish I could find people who didnt know I was trying to sketch them, he looks wonderfully plump and wrinkly. Have a lovely time in Sydney.