Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day 247
Another less than meditative drawing session as ants attacked again and the flies were out in force. I nearly abandoned this drawing in frustration with the way the graphitone pencils seem to resist the watercolour paper I had but I decided to wash over it with water and it looked better so I continued - I quite like it. These pears are in front of the National Gallery - they are about 5 feet high, a dark brown metal. Amazingly they never seem to get grafittied. 12 km cycle


Hashi said...

Before I read the words, I thought "she saw these pears on a walk? What, did she go to the farmers market?" But no, these are BIG pears! I love the effect you attained. Glad you persevered!

Jana Bouc said...

That's funny. I thought that you had drawn real pears but I thought they looked rather wooden or sculptural and then you said they were sculptures!

Penny said...

I also thought they were real, They dont give the impression of being big. Nicely done. I dont think I have problems with ants but the flies are awful.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I wonder why the sculptor decided to do pears? Couldn't he imagine something else?
Nice drawing of course.
Ants are driving me crazy. Peceli picked up a spray can and the ants soon dropped from their tracking up the kitchen walls. Tiny ants. I think the spray can he used was really for tobacco smells - not that we have much of that with little notices stuck about our loungeroom saying tabu to cigarette smoking!

Julie Oakley said...

I think the water has really added a lovely metallic sheen