Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Day 246
Another lovely grey day, though I put off going out or even hanging up the washing as I thought it was going to rain - it didn't. So I went for a walk. The damp brings out such lovely colours in the tree trunks. This effort was cut short when I realized I was sitting on an ant nest. 3 km walk ps.Ralph thinks I should mention that he has fixed my computer - I might also mention that he admitted to 'adding things' the day before it started playing up! :)


Julie Oakley said...

Ouch! I sometimes think of computers as a huge house of cards - dare to tweak anything and it could all tumble down. S'funny your rain brings out the colours, whereas mine flattens and desaturates everything. Anyway it looks very Australian, flaky eucalyptus type bark - very recognisable in the short time you had

Penny said...

I agree with Julie.

Jana Bouc said...

When this image appeared on my screen I thought it was a giraffe at first! Gorgeous color! I'm glad your computer is ok again. My sister left me a voicemail tonight -- her son spilled "a tiny bit" of milk on her keyboard and now it's not working. I had to tell her she'll have to buy a new one. I've had to buy several due to spilled real soda (my son), diet soda and coffee (me).