Monday, January 01, 2007

Day 245
I'm still having computer freezing problems and Ralph says there is nothing else he can try - he will have to reinstall windows and all the extras. I walked the loop today looking for interesting texture to sketch. But somehow, on this first day of 2007, despite the lovely rain and consequent greenness already, I have sketched the 'bench with no view'. The trees have grown up and there is not a glimpse of the lake. 2007!


Penny said...

Happy New Year Alison, computers always seem to go wrong, and anything else when no tradesman can be found. Always happens with our plumbing but thank goodness we are begining to learn how to work the new 3g and computer, sort of!
Hope you didnt get washed away, Broken Hill had 50ml in a short time and flooding too. Nothing here but we dont want too much too quickly, but any sort of rain would be bliss.
this is a sort of grey sketch but I like it.

Hashi said...

It's a bench with a very fine view of tree trunks :-) Love it. Happy New Year, Alison!

Julie Oakley said...

Lovely moody looking sketch. My commiserations about computer problems. When I bought my first Mac the chap installing it advised me how important it was to know as much as possible on the techie side to get the best out of the computer and save money on callouts. I did work very hard to understand as much as I could, however the lesson was really bought home when after trying everything when my computer had completely frozen I reluctantly called out the experts (with a minimum £100 callout fee which I could ill afford at the time) They arrived and pressed one button (the lock/unlock button) which I hadn't been aware of and it was fixed.
I'll say a prayer to the god of all things technical for you.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Happy New Year and what a difference rain seems to make!
Our hibiscus bush which was almost dead now has seven lovely flowers.
Re computers. Iprimus was overloaded the past few days - perhaps people were on the internet just too much, without staff fixing up problems. I was getting a voice speaking from the hard drive telling me to try again later.