Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 245
I cycled my usual 17 km and finished up at the gallery. It was very busy so I decided not to sit and draw in one of the galleries but just to sketch someone in the crowd in the foyer. This little girl, happily sucking her thumb, looked as if she might stay still for a few minutes and she did. 17 km cycle


Penny said...

I sat trying to catch figures today and they all looked awful, bravo for your great ones.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

that's really cute, and you caught the look of a little kid.
Happy New Year. We're off to Melbourne later to a Fijian gig near the old Pentridge gaol. A two hour or more church service, then feast, then kava, singing, dancing, out under the palm trees.
The place where my Dad lived as a kid when his father was in Pentridge. Ha ha. No, he was a tutor there.

Julie Oakley said...

Lucky you that her thumb kept her relatively still. So hard trying to capture people, but these recent sketches of yours are great.

Jana Bouc said...

She has such a sweet little face. I'm so glad you provide a larger image to see the details.