Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Day 234
Some months ago, Julie, my fellow sketcherciser in the UK, trod on a spike - well, today I got nearly the equivalent though no blood or pain. I decided to take a different route to Manuka on the way to my mother's - and cycled over a verge. By the time I got to Manuka, I had two completely flat tyres with about thirty sort of organic drawing pins stuck in them. I don't carry repair gear as it's just another thing and anyway, I wouldn't have had 30 patches or, more suitably, two new inner tubes. Dad kindly came to rescue me so Mum and I were able to shop for Christmas turkey and ham as planned. I sketched this as I waited for him.
I meant to say yesterday, that a particularly satisfying feature of this daily project is spending time being more noticing, carefully observing, looking for shape, line texture, human or other quirkiness etc as well as getting to know the neighbourhood much more intimately. Also, as Julie pointed out, any exercise is a good start and increasingly is being found to have a range of health and other benefits. 5 km cycle


Hashi said...

"Organic drawing pins" -- love it! Thanks also for your observations on the benefits of your daily sketchercise.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Good pic and story! Observing the neighbourhood and 'ordinary' people certainly has produced lots of stories and pictures. Have a nice Christmas.

Julie Oakley said...

Ah - our dedication! And who came up with that wonderful word sketchercise? Robin has sometimes had runs on having punctures every day and then nothing for months.

Jana Bouc said...

Wonderful post Alison. I'm glad you weren't injured. I love loved what you had to say about how doing this project has increased your powers of observation and enjoyment of it. It's so true!