Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day 233
My mother again, while we were having a cup of tea prior to our afternoon 'squircle' - as usual, I never get a portrait all right, I just catch aspects of the person. Mum is very fond of this legs crossed position and does at times look somewhat haunted, though I'm not sure if she was when I was actually doing this drawing - every pen mark on a face can be so powerful. I got home to find everyone else had gone off to a film, so I enjoyed an evening ride to Manuka to browse at the late night bookshop.
And for Jana, who asked what size my sketchbooks are - I have a large and a small moleskine and a 5 1/2" square 140gm white paper book. Most of my people are 3 - 5" high.
And Andrea asked, "would I recommend this activity" - did you mean sketch and exercise (sketchercise) - it depends what you're after. For me, it has been wonderful to have a commitment to draw every day. It has also been great to be challenged to exercise every day. I think a year long challenge is necessary to help me make it a habit and a need. If you want to get fitter or lose weight, it may be necessary to look carefully at diet and the forms of exercise that you do - just walking/meandering doesn't do it for me. The sketching does take time and perhaps satisfies the creative urge so that larger projects lapse or go slow. I don't know if my sketching ability has improved, but I have got much more confident and will have a go at nearly anything - and I no longer give up on a sketchbook just because of one ruined page. As it's turned out, this little group, with three regular walkers and a few enthusiastic visitors has been ideal - not too many others to visit and comment but sufficient notice taken that I must keep going. Thank you to everyone for being part of this challenge. I would not have been able to do it on my own. 10 km cycle


Julie Oakley said...

The tinted glasses are perfect here and the trousers and crossed legs look very snazzy. And by the way, I think 'snazzy' with all its overtones of 1950's cool is just the right word to describe them.
I agree that the audience has certainly kept me going. And even if a meandering walk doesn't mean a huge amount in terms of exercise, for those who would normally do nothing, it's a great way to start changing the bad habits of a lifetime.

Alison said...

Yes, I meant to say that Julie, any sort of exercise is a start and maintaining it for a year is a real achievement. 'Snazzy' is a lovely word - not heard so much any more - taken over by cool, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Alison as one of the walkers I agree, I think the fact that we are all doing it albeit at different levels of ability has been fun and I dont know binding? I really would one day love for us all to meet because this has been such a great thing to do, even if I am lagging behind as I started later, I hope when the year is up you all either keep going or keep me going. And the others who drop in have been so important too.
This is a wonderful sketch of your mother, and there is so much love in all your sketches. I just dont think my mother would appreciate me doing it .
Oh bother I will have to sign in again as anonymous as I have typed all this and forgot to sign in to google. As I said in my bit to Julie, Have a very hapy safe and loving Christmas, I will be able to check in but not scan until I get home, its not long only 5 days. Penny

Jana Bouc said...

I love her outfit--snazzy indeed--and her interesting position. Did she know she was posing for you? Thanks for answering about the size of your notebooks. I'm happy you include larger sizes to expand the images to. It's fun to see the details close up. I'm so glad you and Julie have been doing this project. I've enjoyed your travels and the views from your worlds and have learned so much from seeing your drawings and paintings. Selfishly I hope you'll both continue in one form or another.