Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day 220
Another squirkle with Mum, again to the lake though she was annoyed that I wouldn't take her to the Budda Rock - well, it's near St Andrews in Scotland! She was, however, quite clear about the origin of the word 'squirkle'. She says it was derived from 'circle' by her mother who came from Switzerland. It's used to describe a light-hearted sort of outing which has no particular destination but usually has a round route just to see what's to be seen. During a squirkle a 'lemon juice' may be partaken off - this is a treat, the details of which are not disclosed but are likely to be rather more substantial than a lemon juice, at a cafe. You can also use 'squirkle' when you don't want to specify exactly where you're going as in, "I'm just going on a squirkle"(ie mind your own business). I don't know how other people manage without the word 'squirkle' - our family uses it a lot.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Quirkle! What a wonderful word. I reckon little internet groups that do pictures and stories ought to ber a quirkle circle - we don't quite know where we are going at times but it's fun on the way!
Nice bird.

Jana Bouc said...

And perhaps the flying goose (?) is on a squirkle too? Now I've learned two new useful terms today, squirkle and spoon (meaning "getting distracted" as explained another blogger with a long story from an oddball cartoon about a dimwitted flea, I think). Anyway, great drawing and even better story. Your mom sounds like a really interesting and spirited woman.