Friday, November 24, 2006

Day 208
Returning from a trip to town, I stopped off at the Gallery to enjoy the air conditioning and check out the newly arranged Modernist room. I really loved it - there's lots to study but I wanted to draw so I left the intellectual bit for another day. This Lobster telephone is by Salvador Dali (1936) - made from plaster and a real phone - isn't the shadow great - it looks like fingers drumming on the table. And when I stood up, I noticed the Blue Bread - favourite food for bluebirds by Man Ray (1958) and had to sketch it too.

12 km cycle


Julie Oakley said...

What do you mean'left the intellectual bit for another day', I bet you know more about those two pieces now than you ever would if you'd spent the time reading a book about them. They're great drawings and I love the observation about what the shadow looks like. Also I like the selective use of colour.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

How lucky you are to live near the superb National Art Gallery and three great libraries - National, ANU and St Marks. Great idea to give us a view of two of the art pieces.
I was surprised to find illustrations in a large Bible I opened at Altona Meadows Uniting Church where the Fijian group meet were by Salvador Dali. Lots of splodges of paint, but not quite surreal as in his usual pictures.
Yes, the shadow is intriguing. We need to remember that shadows can contribute to a picture.

Alison said...

Right on, Julie - a slip in my attitude - a relic of the old family in which only academics was valued - thanks for reminding me of the truth :)
Yes, Wendy - we are very lucky. I even have a ticket for the art school library thanks to Ralph paying $50 in 1980 for a life ticket for the ANU library.

Jana Bouc said...

I've never seen either of these pieces and it was wonderful to see them here. I love both! Thanks for sharing them, through your wonderful drawings. Brilliant!

Penny said...

As Wendy said, how lucky to ba able to see these things, although I regularly go to our Art Gallery Canberra gets stuff we dont see, plus you are so close, I have to make the trip and time to do it, I saw some Salvadore Dali stuff in a museum/gallery for surrealists in Houston and found it all fascinating.
Love what you have done.