Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day 202
I dropped Ralph off south of Eden to do a one way cliff walk and drove back to the old whaling station at Davidson's beach to look around, meander along the beach and do some sketching. It was a beautiful bay with lovely clear water and lots of oysters on the rocks - not much left of the whaling life though. I sketched this messy bank, hoping to catch the raw grittiness and feeling of it toppling down on to me - oh, well!
Then I had a horrendous hour or two while I tried to find the rendezvous point and drove down a very unsuitable track and nearly couldn't get out. I'm sure I lost several kilos in the sweat of the panic!

Ralph, too, had made navigation errors and walked 19 kms instead of 11 - fortunately we both arrived at the same (late) time otherwise we both might have though the other has come and gone (to look elsewhere) So it was time for a rest. Does this look right? When I'd finished, I noticed that, from where I sat, the highest part of the shoes should have been nearly as high as Ralph's bottom, and the base line of the far bench leg was hitting the front of the forward leg - have I imagined the whole thing as from another perspective?


Julie Oakley said...

Sounds horrendous. The perspective problem you describe, it's funny isn't it how we sometimes draw things inaccurately because our mind won't accept what our eyes are telling us so we 'correct' it.

Jana Bouc said...

Julie's so right...I've been working on a picture of my sister where she has her head turned a bit to the side but in my drawings I somehow keep ending up "correcting" it so that she's facing straight ahead. I didn't notice anything wrong with this drawing though...looks right to me.