Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 199
We left early this morning and reached the south coast port of Eden by 11.00am having driven through the high country in temperatures of -1.5 and SNOW! I took a tour of the Duyfken with Finnian and a group of Canberra home schoolers who happened to be there and got thoroughly freezing. So I left Finnian to meet her fellow 16 crew and went up the hill to the whale museum - to warm up and have a go at drawing the skeleton of ' Old Tom' who , it's said, assisted the whalers of the past to catch whales by hearding them nearer to shore. The museum is modern and purpose-built but a sanitised version of the original which we enjoyed 30 years ago - an old shed, dominated by this skeleton, with just enough space to squeeze between tables and shelves cluttered with nature finds, flotsam and jetsom, memorabilia - all able to be touched and a true 'old salt' explainer/story-teller on hand.
When the museum closed, I set off for a walk along the Eden beach but a freezing wind soon had me retreating to the car and musing on the mystery of the horizon.


Hashi said...

What's with the weather? You're having northern hemisphere, and we're having southern hemisphere weather for this time of year. I love your moody horizon.

Julie Oakley said...

The horizon is lovely - so very simple. And dem bones are so well observed.