Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 186
Storms were forcast so before lunch I went for a hurried 12 km cycle ride but didn't stop to draw. From our front window, you can see the weather coming - in this case 100 km winds and bucketing rain - but not on us. It dumped on the yacht club 3 km away, wrecking 30 boats including tossing one into a tree. Trees were uprooted and fell on to houses, in one case, exposing a huge bees nest. Clouds must be the hardest image to catch. This is the first time in all these months that I have had a second, third and fourth attempt - and it's still not what I want. Oh well, Policy is: what I can do is good enough.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Ominous clouds! They look great.
You certainly had some strange weather up there in Canberra.
It was sunny mostly here today, a light breeze and people are wandering around our garden buying potplants. Don't know why as the water restrictions are Stage 2, but at least the pelagoniums and geraniums should survive!

Tami said...

they look pretty dark and stormy, to me! You might try painting on and then lifting the highlights off with a swab or cotton ball. It works well on lighter looking clouds, but these, you have done, capture a lot of weather expression!

Julie Oakley said...

Great illustration. What incredible weather and coming so close to you.

Jana Bouc said...

Very effective rendition of scary storm clouds. Good for you for trying them again. Yikes what crazy weather! I hope things have improved by now.