Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Day 178
I cycled into town to get some photos printed and while I was waiting, popped into the Canberra Museum and Gallery to sketch this burnt-out dishwasher. It belonged to the Cox family whose home and possessions were destroyed in the 2003 bushfires.

There was also a marvellous collection of Clarice Cliff ceramics.

I love the colours of her pieces but it's only now that I have a little box of water colour paints that I realize that her colours are straight from a simple set of watercolours - some photos of her sketchbook pages confirm this. (I gave up trying to get the outer rim of the plate symetrical) 12 km cycle.


Jana Bouc said...

Fabulous post today! I love the dishwasher, especially coming after my dishdrainer picture--seeing a burnt out dishwasher made me laugh. The pottery is lovely too.

Penny said...

Interesting subject the dishwasher Alison, and I love the pottery too, you also have an interesting bead exhibition on in Canberra at the moemnt I believe.
Like your houses as well, you probably have lots of styles to choose from.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

That diswasher certainly tells a story. The time of the Ash Wednesday bushfires down our way now seems a long while ago, but it was an awesome time. We drove down to Eumerella to check the Scout camp the day after a Peceli was chaplain at the time and the blackened countryside made me feel ill.
Nice colourful plates. Did people watch you as you painted?

Tami said...

Some things are just NOT important! I love the rest of the drawings of the plates and pottery. wondered what was up with the that you have answered that, great drawing!

Katherine said...

I can see The Clarice Cliff but not the dishwasher - doh! (and I still haven't worked out why I can't see the rest - sulk!]

Lovely drawing Alison - and I so agree, the colours of Clarice Cliff stuff really are great!

Julie Oakley said...

I love both of these drawings. The burnt out dishwasher really looks like a burnt out dishwasher.