Friday, October 13, 2006

Day 166
I cycled to Woden hoping to get my hair cut but they were too busy with kids as it's back to school next week. So I went and bought several new tops instead. They have changed the sizings - size 12 has risen from a 34 inch bust to 38 inches -now as we age and fatten we can pretend we're still the same size as 20 years ago. 12 km cycle, 32 degree heat.


Julie Oakley said...

Wonderful drawing. I love your thoughts on sizing. Here in England we also can cheer ourselves up by buying American clothes online because our size 12 is their size 10. Mind you not that a size 12 American or English is of much use to me! Those were the days.

Penny said...

I must look more closely at he sizing, I bought a 16 the other day and it was tight!!Oh ye
gods.Love the flowing lines of your tops.

Jana Bouc said...

Your new tops look nice. They've done that here in the U.S. too--they're making sizes larger, though I haven't noticed it (but I'm afraid that might mean I've gotten larger to match?)