Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day 163
I walked around the Lake, over the two bridges, intending to sketch something at Floriade - a huge bulb show in the lakeside Commonwealth Park. But it was all too awful - not a patch on European bulb shows and so many people waddling round gorging themselves or taking photos but not actually looking. Disgustingly judgmental me! :) So I sketched these little fairy wrens in the bush on the way home. They are about 4 " long and usually have one male to several females, plus young. The males have a super sheen to their plumage which Finnian and a friend are investigating the physics of. 6 km walk


Penny said...

Dont you just love the blue wrens? I have lots of families in the garden and they get so tame we call them the flying mice although bonking Boris was a pain as he tapped on the bedroom window very early all one summer trying to get at his reflection.
I keep meaning to do Galah's but they dont hang around long enough.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Cute little birds. Did they pose for you or did you have to hop around yourself?
Those glorifed gardening expos attract lots of people but the exhibition sites are sometimes quite strange. I don't think you have to paint a picture with a floral garden. I like riotous gardens best, where there are surprises.
Just like that quilt exhibition I saw. Why do they try to make a realistic scene with felt, wool, etc.? I like to see the technique itself exposed and exploited.

Tami said...

Good Work! I love both of these little bird sketches! You captured the irredescence of the wren, very well!