Monday, October 09, 2006

Day 162
I felt completely exhausted and washed out today and thought that I surely wouldn't go for any exercise today! But I had a parcel to post so had to lock up the house anyway so I walked to Hermione's bench. The cockatoos and these galahs were out in force, eating grass roots on the unkempt flood plain between the lake and housing. Normally this grass would need mowing by now but there is no spring growth. The galahs are more nervous than the cockatoos and I had to sit down a dozen times to get just these three. There is a recipe for galah soup - you boil galah with an old boot for several hours, then throw away the galah and serve. 'Galah' is also a colloquial expression for 'fool'. They often forage on roadsides and get sucked into the path of cars - as they pair for life, when one dies in this way, the other stands too close and gets squashed as well. 7 km walk


Julie Oakley said...

Oh I love the picture and the recipe. At least if you're not getting any colour in your grass, the plumage of your birds make up for it

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

That recipe! Told no doubt by some silly galah some time.
I didn't know they paired for life.
We had thousands up in the Mallee and everytime I said 'Galah' Peceli frowned. Maybe it's a swearword in his language!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Alison

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear Alison

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Another birthday! Happy birthday too!

Jana Bouc said...

The drawings of the gallahs and the cockatoos are great! I love the funny faces on these guys. I can't believe that you have beautiful cockatoos as ordinary birds there. They are such exotic and expensive pets here. The recipe was funny too, though the story of them being roadkill was pretty sad.