Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 156
I walked over to the horse paddocks looking for some horses to sketch but there were none to be seen at that end. So here are the Brindabellas again. I love the way the light makes them look different every time. It's from the Brindabellas that the biggest threat of bushfires comes. The fire season started officially yesterday with the volunteer firefighters boycotting the 'opening' because the Government wants to collect the funds they raise at community events. We are already paying an annual $84 firefighting levy which goes into consolidated revenue! It's time for us to prepare personally - get the firefighting gear together, buy candles and batteries (for the radio), update lists of what to save and clear dry stuff from around the house.

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Julie Oakley said...

How wonderful to be able to see mountains. Lovely colours. That constant worry about fires - so different to here.