Monday, September 25, 2006

Day 148
I cycled into town against a fierce wind. I hoped to find some good value curtain fabric but now the shop sells mostly made-to-order curtains or ready-mades - I suppose too few people sew any more to support this line. Also, they were putting out mountains of yuckky Christmas junk AND blaring out nasty announcements about products - internet shopping gets ever more attractive! I sat on a bench to have a sandwhich and wondered what I could draw. Lots of architecture and a few people? a hungry magpie? then I saw this pavement plaque right at my feet - I think it rather lacks literary merit but I like the fact that a 'nobody's nothing' can nevertheless get immortilized on a plaque. 12 km ride


Penny said...

What a great idea. something at your feet! I hope Finnian isnt going to move back in a few months time! I very clearly remember the too ings and froings of my lot, I never knew when they were home or not and sometimes they came home with a girl/boyfriend as well to add to the chaos. It was fun tho, now I dont see some of them much and I dont seem to cope as well with the numbers when I do.

Julie Oakley said...

The texture and slightly raised edges of the paving stones are just perfect.

Jana Bouc said...

Ick! I hate being in stores around the holidays but this is still September and they're already putting out holiday junk! Sorry to hear it. Sad little poem too, but nicely done.