Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Day 143
Very busy today, catching up from being away and doing errands to do with Finnian leaving home on Friday. So it was just a quick run around the suburb. It's school holidays - perhaps that explains why there was an armchair billy cart ready to set off down the pavement. I think the owner was probably fetching a hamper for sustenance along the way. I did think of plopping down into it and pushing off - a la Mr Bean, maybe :) 4 km walk


Hashi said...

Too fun :-)

Tami said...

What a kick! I love the drawing!

Since I am always looking at your posts, I a very aware of the total opposites of our seasons, it is one of the really neat things about the net, makes the world a smaller place.

Penny said...

Glad you are home, Loved your Melbourne stuff and this arm chair is just a hoot.Things re not so good here either although we are greener than most but heat, wind a few showers and more wind are not helping, more talk of "What if" again, happens every year. One day it will be the year when we have to leave.