Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day 136
I walked to the shops to buy fresh yeast - none at the supermarket but the bakery gave me some for free. I needed it to make bread like my Granny used to make so I could do a memory painting for the EDM 'bread challenge'. I made the bread and we ate one loaf but the other will have to go stale because I didn't have time to do a painting of it today. This evening, I rode to town where I met Ralph and we watched 7 Up - 49, which is just a year older than Ralph and I. Ralph always like to sit near the front, so it looks as if no one esle was there - in fact there were about 100 people. England looked so green. 2 km walk;7 km cycle

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I've seen some TV programs about 7 Up and I wonder how life was manipulated/programmed for them BECAUSE they were in that program. Maybe we could do some of drawings of ourselves at etc.!
Nice drawing of an empty cinema!
When we saw 'Seone's Wedding' there were only four in the theatre and only Peceli and I were laughing at the Samoans and their antics.