Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 135
This is my first effort in the French Grammar Precis book that I rebound with watercolour paper. I hate the feel of the paper - so harsh and rough and dry and it sucks up water so fast that my little travel brush is quite inadequate. Nor am I really into bush scenes - they are so easily cliches. However, I did want to record the fact that just a few hundred metres from the nation's parliament we have beautiful wild bushland. 6 km walk at sunset.


Julie Oakley said...

I like the way the you can see the paper through the brush strokes. I would be a bit peeed off if I had surmounted the hurdle of binding a book and then didn't like it. Maybe get a really fat brush pen and do very loose quick stuff in the book so that you finish the book quickly?

Tami said...

I havn't tried using true wc paper out in the field, all I have used is my sketch books, 100lb paper in the new one. That would stink to put that kind of effort into making it and then not like it. Maybe you can keep it for an "at home" sketch book. I do love your style so I hope you find some comfortabe compromise.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Sure does have a dry look, which is about right for the weather we've had this year. Apparently the worst winter in the Mallee for a hundred years - I don't think there will be much wheat, if any, not counting on the guys threatening to withold any they harvest - because of a levy for the muck-up re Iraq.
Back to the pic. Yes, it isn't Hans Heysen, but that's a good thing.

Penny said...

I really like this one Alison, you have to get used to watercolour paper, it is lovely if you can get used to it. Big fat good brushes help, not so good when youa re out and about, but I fill a film conainer with water and have that in my handbag all the time, and one not very big sable and it works but you have to get used to the paper showing through, unless you was it all with water first of course.(wet in wet)