Friday, September 08, 2006

Day 131
Out of the bath, into my jammies, on with my coat and shoes, out the door and away down the path - leaving the rest of them to barrack for the losing team in the semi-finals of the footy on TV and squabble over who's next in the bath. It's drizzling so I'll have to memorize something to draw - so often I wish I could draw the sounds. Tonight it was so still and quiet except for the dripping of the rain ... and the noisy crunch of snails underfoot. We have very large snails here - about 1" across. When we first came to Australia, Dad offered us 1 cent for every one we collected - he had no idea how common they are and had to pay us kids $70 (today, perhaps about $600/250 pounds) before he dropped the price.


Penny said...

Glad you are getting rain too. You are good going out but in your Jammies? I am glad it seems a safe neighbourhood. Like the wet and leaves on the footpath.

Julie Oakley said...

the dappled light is lovely

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I'd love to see some snails closeup sometime.
Do you really roam around Canberra in your 'jamas? Watch out, someone might be drawing 'you'!

Jana Bouc said...

Was he having you collect them for extermination purposes or for dinner? I could never get my sons to collect them for me to get them out of the garden. They were way too squeamish! The drawing is really nice...something very serene and soothing about it.